Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Gifts!

I was feeling especially crafty and thrifty this year, so I was determined to make as many gifts as I could.  Of course I bit off more than I could chew (which is a common occurrence with me) and didn't finish almost as many as I did! ;)  But I always say that's what birthdays are for! 

 Here are Nicole and Alayna showing off the hats and mittens I crocheted.  I still intend to add a bow to Alayna's "Hello Kitty" hat.  I added their initials to the mittens so they could easily tell them apart.  I'm really trying to be good and use the stash of yarn I have on hand.

Next I have them modeling some "dress up clothes" I sewed using fabric I had on hand.  Alayna's cowgirl vest is made from old jeans and the lining is from one of my husband's old shirts.  I made the pattern by using a washable marker and drawing a vest onto one of Alayna's older white t-shirts.  

I wanted the dress to be usuable for both girls, so I sewed an extender for Nicole to use.  The dress is a little long for Alayna, but I think I can fix that by adding some snaps to the bottom to make the hem adjustable.  :)

I also dabble with making my own jewelry, and consulted my stash of beads to create a matching bracelet and earring set for my sister-in-law. 

After a couple of weeks of practically non-stop crafting for others, I took a break and spent an evening crocheting a winter hat for myself.  I used two strands of yarn and rather like the effect- especially the black & white "zebra" look.

Alayna had a blanket given to her for her very 1st Christmas at 6months old.  After years of love, it started shedding on one side.  Instead of throwing away her beloved blanky, I decided to give it a new life and cut it up.  Sadly Alayna found her cut up blanket one night before I had a chance to sew it together into its intended puppy form.  It was a pretty tragic evening with lots of tears shed. 

I THINK she has forgiven me.  Maybe... :P

I made a cat years ago for Nicole out of fleece.  The pattern is from Simplicity Crafts, number 5310.  The pattern includes 4 different "neck buddies": a dog/puppy, monkey, cat, and lion.  I've made them all a bunch of times for nieces and nephews and have had great response :).

That dog is so comfy I just might have to make another for myself.... :P

I hope you had a great Christmas as well and maybe next year you can use one or more of these ideas for your loved ones.         ~Happy crafting!~


  1. You are so creative. So clever to think of crocheting the girls' initials into their mittens. Why hasn't anyone else ever thought of doing that who had more than one child? I love the reincarnation of Alayna's blanket too. Plus, the sock puppets you made for your nephews (even though not pictured yet on your site) were adorable!!!

  2. Thankyou Dad! I think I might do a "tutorial" and show how to make a sock puppet on here. The only picture I took of the puppets was on my cell phone- hopefully its not too blurry! :)


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