Thursday, January 5, 2012

Parenting tips: Diaper bombs, toothpick meals, and read-a-thons

I thought I'd share some of my parenting ideas today: 
 Any parent knows that changing a diaper is probably at the bottom of the list when it comes to "fun" and "babies".  At our house we've turned the mundane into a fun game for older siblings.  After we change a diaper, we wrap it up securely and yell "Diaper Bomb!!!" and throw said bomb across the room.  We then start counting down (usually from 5) and the older sibling has to grab the bomb and get it to the trash before we get to zero and the bomb "explodes".  Of course we don't throw "stink" bombs though!

Just be careful with your aim when throwing diaper bombs around-  last week I broke an ornament! :P

Here's my happy crew:
 Alayna(the fastest diaper bomb runner you'll ever meet!), Nicole(gracious to run all stink bombs to the trashcan outside under the count of 10), and little Zander(creator of all diaper bombs in these parts)

My kids don't like eating the same old thing day after day.  So when it comes to lunchtime, I try to make it fun.  Sometimes I'll cut sandwiches into shapes with cookie cutters, or my favorite- make a toothpick lunch!

Just cut your menu items into bite-sized pieces...

And let your feasters help you skewer them onto toothpicks.
Here's Alayna(5) enjoying her lunch! :)

Today I decided that every week we're going to have a day w/out television.  I told my girls we were going to have a read-a-thon!  I suggested several venues: couch, my bed, their beds, tub, under the table, etc.  They decided on the bathtub(- my favorite place to read as a child!). First they wiped it out with a towel to make sure they stayed dry and then piled in their blankets and pillows.

Zander thought it was a hoot to watch them and listen to Nicole read.  
The next time your child whines about reading- suggest a new location! :)

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