Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tutorial: Upcycle SOCKS into Barbie Clothes part2

Time for more Barbie fashions made from beloved dead socks.  Today we're taking a portion from the top of a long sock and making a sweet sweater.

Please note that all projects made using my ideas are strictly for personal use- Don't make money off me unless you plan on cutting me a portion of the profits! ;)

 I loved this sock(you'll hear me say that a lot- I love ALL my socks) ;), and I thought the design was perfect for a Barbie sweater.  The pattern was nice to use as a guide for cutting, but I measured as well with you in mind and that you won't be using the same sock!
First cut the top off at about 4".  (When making this earlier you'll see I cut it at 4.5" but it was too long.)

Set the rest of the sock aside.  We'll use it later in another tutorial to make a skirt and a dress! :)
The top finished edge will be our neckline.  Cut the sleeves about 1/2" in on either side.  -My sock was about 3" wide when I lay it flat, and with the sleeves cut it left about 2" wide for the bodice.
Turn the sock inside out.  It should look something like this.
Hem the bottom of the bodice, folding up about 1".
I just used a straight stitch- it may not necessarily be the best method- I'm not a pro! If you prefer to use a different stitch- perhaps a zigzag, be my guest.
Repeat with the other side.
Trim away the excess material.
Next we'll cut the sleeves. I found on my 1st attempt that long sleeves were a BEAR to get on the barbie, and the angled cut looked more pleasing to me anyway.

Cut 2" off the sleeves.
Next, cutting from about 1/2" down, cut at an angle to the middle forming a triangle.  With my sock I simply cut along the diagonal pattern, but I'm aware the sock you're using will probably have a different design.
If you lay out your sweater it should look something like this.  We're almost done!  We just need to sew up the side seams of the bodice and sleeves.
Grab some pins if you please....  (Yes I use one of my daughters' stuffed animals as a pin cushion! Every so often they'll want it back and will trade me for a different stuffed animal to use.  I really should make myself a cute normal pin cushion... lol.)
 Line your edges together, especially being careful with the armpits, and pin in place.
 Starting at the edge of one sleeve sew towards the armpit.  Try to sew as close to the edge as you can, since we don't have any material to spare on this one.
 Pivot at the armpit and continue down the side of the bodice.
 Be aware that the hemmed edge is pretty thick and you may have a doozy of a time pushing your project through.  Just breathe and you'll get it ;).

Repeat with the other side starting again at its sleeve.

Your sweater should look something like this.

Turn the sweater right side out again.  I had help with the sleeves using one of my crochet hooks ;).

 Now because the sleeves are pretty narrow AND sock material usually has a lot of stringy-ness, it can be really tricky getting barbie fingers through the sleeve, so I made a device to help me out!  Just grab a plastic straw (I only had narrow ones- if you are out and about, you should grab a fat straw made for slushies at the gas station.)  I cut the straw into 2" pieces and then cut a triangle out off the end of each. Tape them together with the triangles facing each other.

It's easiest to slide the sweater on going up the legs.
Stuff the Barbie's hand into your straw contraption and slide into the sleeve.
Repeat with the other side (obviously).
Once on, your Barbie will be styling!
If she could talk, I'm sure she would thank you and applaud you for such a well-done job. ;)
View from the back.

I tried it on another smaller doll and as it stretched while pulling it on I thought it could work as a dress too.  I'll have to make another and simply make the hem longer.  Tied with a ribbon around the waist, she feels so pretty!  (Although that is a LOT of leg!)

Enjoy your work and pat yourself on the back.  Show it off to your family and friends, being sure to tell them where/how you learned to do it. ;)

Next time we'll use the remainder of the sock making a simple skirt and a cute dress.

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tutorial: Upcycle SOCKS into Barbie Clothes!

 Lately I've been consumed by all the amazing blogs out there!  The common thread to all the blogs I've looked at the last 2 weeks is UPCYCLING.  Turning your old clothes into new and awestruck items!  I'm a huge fan of using and reusing what you already have on hand.

I'm also a SOCK lover. Some women have a thing for shoes, but for me, it's SOCKS!  So what do you do when a beloved sock gets a major hole in the heel?  I thought with its stretchiness that it'd work well for Barbie clothes.  We'll transform it into leggings for your daughter's (or niece, grand-daughter, sister, neighbor, etc) barbie!

Enough chit-chat..... here we go!

I assume you have basic sewing knowledge.
 Start with a loved ankle sock.  There may be a hole in the heel or toe- no prob. There is still lots of ample good sock material to spare.
 Measuring the ankle 2 inches from the front fold, cut at an angle across the heel.  (bye bye worn-out hole!)

 Next flatten your sock and cut the toe area off.

Flip over to the back side and cut straight through JUST the back layer of the sock.

 Spread open your sock.  It should look something

<----- like this.
Cut from the bottom (toe) up in the center until approx. 2 inches from the ankle.  The ankle will be the waist.
Fold in half with right sides together.

Sew from the waist/ ankle down approx. 2 inches. Curve with the sock- this will be the "butt" of the leggings.    

Now we'll hem the bottom of the leggings.

Fold up the bottom edge and sew.

Repeat with the other leg.

This is the trickiest part, but you can do it!  Fold your leggings in half with right sides together and the legs together as shown.......

(You may want to pin this, but I just held it in place and took my time.)

 Starting at the end of one leg, sew up....

And around the crotch, pivoting as needed.

 Continue sewing from the crotch down the other leg.

It looks a little messy with our imperfect cuts, but that's ok!

Let's clean up by trimming away the excess....

So if you fold your leggings in half with the legs together, this is what it may look like....

Ha ha. I think the bum looks funny, but once your barbie tries them on, it'll look better. :)
 Turn your leggings right side out.

Admire your work and then try them on your patron.
 I love that socks are so stretchy.  This way you can maneuver them to get a good fit.
I think the Barbies are happy!  If the waist is too tall for your taste, just fold it over.  
I hope you could follow my instructions well enough.  
Next time I'll show you how to make a sweater from a sock. ;)     
 Happy crafting!